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"Shadow work allows us to become our true selves on the other side of fear, doubt or suppression.


Shadow work returns power by revealing darker aspects of the self that may hinder,  as explored through trauma, ego, or ascension."


"Tap in to learn the manifesting power of SHADOW WORK."

Von Ali, "Hood Heru"
(Shaman, Scholar & 
Shadow Work Healer)  

Greetings - Peace and Abundance to you!

Power and Protection to you and your families.


Thank you for choosing yourself. Thank you for choosing your healing, and thank you for choosing me to join you on your journey.


I'm aware that this is a very specific service that I offer, in a very specific industry, so I know you must have found me by Divine Alignment. Welcome, you are safe and we will shape the solution that will return your sense of security and power. The knowledge is as real as paper money, and will impact your life as reflected by your input, consistency and effort. All topics, skills and knowledge that I teach can be researched and proven for yourself. I am offering the opportunity to learn the keys of application - a Spiritual Mentor and Support in this new world of information and shifting ideas. If you're seeking to uncover a more Limitless Self, challenging Religion or reestablishing your personal relationship to magic / Spirituality I your own way and time, I'd love to support you in your Ascension.

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A brief introduction to the Magically Mysterious ( and Dangerously Prosperous) being that is Eye:

I've always been a high level Empath, able to embody and navigate the emotions of others. With focus and age, I began honing my skills in Telepathy, Clairvoyance / Clairaudience, Astral Projection, and energy / element manipulation. Outside of the power I exercise from my studies in applicational Science (magick), I have other natural abilities in Channeling through the Akashic Records, Dark Magick Solutions, Spiritual Warfare, and prophetic visions. My areas of focus range from an overstanding of Egyptian Mysteries and their various magical rites, to mind mapping the Matrix,  Biblical translations, Holistic Health practices, Ritual Magick, Herbology and the Anatomy of Body, Mind & Spirit, as well as a broad range of other applicable Esoteric Sciences used toward healing, defense and / or manifesting. 

I specialize in healing my clients through assisted Shadow Work techniques and co-created rituals, rites and re-educations. The work I do is the practical union between therapy, life coaching and ancestral / genealogy research.


We bring all the pieces of your perfectly built vehicle together. We define how to stay fueled and elevated through Self- Love, and guarantee  getting the wheels in motion. Getting you towards and through your Soul Assertion and keeping you burning up your lane!  


Know Thyself. 

Believe me, it works like Magic!

Be well.

- Hood

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Explore our digital marketplace of healing herbs, teas and indigenous/ spiritual tool.

Find your perfect detox or supplement.

Please give us time as we establish relationships

with our vendors and onboard our fantastic store of holistic healing products. 

detox . heal . activate .

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Discover the application of Esoteric practices on the everyday life.


Gain tools on energy renewal, frequency manipulation, astrological/ Biblical translations, and more. Here, you can also schedule personal meditation sessions

(Chakra healing, Quantum Shift, Core Breathing, etc. )

In the Alchemical tradition, we explore all ways towards manifesting your goals and transmuting the energy needed to take action. 




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Sign up for your curated Ritual Pack!


Explore your own Spiritual World with a free consultation and recieve invaluable assistance in uncovering tools to enrich your Spirit team, encourage your personal magic, and enhance the Spiritual Essence of your Spaces. 

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Join for access to ancient knowledge of the soul and ascension.

Curious about the times? Interested in aligning the knowledge of the epochs with the everyday unfolding of the world? Your internal unfolding?

Tap IN!

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